Reset a react-query useQuery hook to clear data on the rendered page

I am writing a search component which uses react query to fetch the data.

export default function useSearchResults({
}: IUseGetSearchResultsProps): QueryObserverResult<IResponse<ISearchResult>> {
    return useQuery(
        [SEARCH_RESULT_QUERY_KEY, { query }],
        (): Promise<IResponse<ISearchResult>> => getSearchResults({ query }),
            enabled: false,
            keepPreviousData: true,

Which I then import in my component, and refetch the data when the user enters a search term:

  const [searchTerm, setSearchTerm] = React.useState<string>("");
  const handleOnChange = (e: React.ChangeEvent<HTMLInputElement>): void => {

  const { data, refetch } = useSearchResults({ query: searchTerm });

  React.useEffect(() => {
    if (searchTerm.length > 0) {
  }, [searchTerm]);

There is a requirement to not show any data when there is nothing in the searchTerm i.e. searchTerm is an empty string.

However, the API returns all results when a search term is not passed to it and I cannot alter that behaviour.

Is there a way to reset useQuery hook to return data as an empty array?

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