Whats the best way to adjust axis ticks in D3.js v6 for date fields to avoid overlap?

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I currently have a simple line chart which displays data and date for y/x axis.

sample data entry:

[{ "week": "15/11/2020","index": 120}, { "week": "06/11/2020","index":

It works like great up to a certain point when too many data entries are displayed which causes the x-axis labels to overlap each other.

Before data dump:

enter image description here

After data dump:

enter image description here

most of the existing answers in the same nature here are from more than 8 yrs ago, are there any updates on how to fix it in later versions of D3 (v5 – v6)?

here is my d3 code:

const xScale = scaleTime()
  .range([0, width])
    extent(data, (d: { week: any }) => {
      return d.week;

const yScale = scaleLinear()
  .range([height, 0])
    min(data, (d: { index: number }) => {
      return d.index;
    }) - 20,
    max(data, (d: { index: number }) => {
      return d.index;
    }) + 20

const xAxis = axisBottom(xScale)

const svg = select(svgRef.current);

  .style("transform", `translateY(${height}px)`)

const yAxis = axisLeft(yScale);

const myLine = line()
  .x((d: { week: any }) => xScale(d.week))
  .y((d: { index: any }) => yScale(d.index))

  .attr("class", "data-circle")
  .attr("d", myLine)
  .attr("fill", "none")
  .attr("stroke", "purple")
  .attr("stroke-width", "5px");

  // draw circle here -- TODO
  .attr("r", 7.5);

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