Want to convert a series of strings and numbers into a variable I have already declared [duplicate]

    var Aplayer1Skills  [10,10,10]
    var Bplayer1Skills = [5,5,5]
    var Cplayer1Skills  [7,7,7]
    var Dplayer1Skills = [2,2,2]

    var traded = [0]
    var Xtraded = [0]

    var teamLetter = "A"
    var XteamLetter = "B"

//This is the struggle

    traded = teamLetter+"player"+1+"Skills"
    Xtraded = XteamLetter+"player"+1+"Skills"


    Aplayer1Skills = Xtraded
    Bplayer1Skills = traded

    console.log('Aplayer1: '+traded)
    console.log('Bplayer1: '+Bplayer1Skills)

I’m making a basketball simulation and there are many teams that I will need to trade players among. Trying to make it easier on myself by switching certain parts of the variable since I have all the players declared similarly. Problem is when I trade them instead of listing the numbers in Aplayer1Skills it displays Aplayer1Skills as a string and not the numbers I want. Any help is appreciated and will help me greatly in the future. Thank you

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