Is there a CSS selector for the actual text inside an input? (for a "text-indent" alternative)

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I have this need to perform animations using transform that will mimic the functionality of text-indent in a text input because animating text-indent ends up jittery/laggy. Doing this on Electron so anything that’ll work in Chrome is good to go.

I’ve found out about the ::-ms-value selector but that doesn’t seem to do anything on Chrome. Using a wrapper div and moving the whole input is also not an option for me since It’s a massive Vue component that’s already written and very complicated. Using the wrapper approach would require a painful days-long complete rewrite of the component.

If there’s no selector, any alternative to solve my issue would be appreciated. I wouldn’t mind doing it via JS too. Animation needs to happen on focus and blur events of the input.

It’s the last step of fixing this laggy horror.

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