How to store formatted input text into an array with indexes in Vue?

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This is an extension from this question Vue.js: Input formatting using computed property is not applying when typing quick

I am stuck on how to get a list of formatted values from my text input into an array list.
I need to do this in a matrix, but simplified it into an array.

Please help, thank you!

<script src=""></script>

<div id="app">
      v-for="(index) in valueInputs" <-- index
        v-model="value"     // <-- I want to track what index I'm in
        @input="formatTime" // <-- so I can set it in an array later
        maxLength="4"       // I tried formatTime[index] or value[index]

data () {
  return {
  valueInputs: [],    // a list of inputs
  allFormatValues: [] // want to store all the formatted values here by the index

Want to set an array that stores all the formatted values:

   this.allFormatValues[index] = this.value;

I’m not sure how to associate the index with the formatted string value?

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