Cypress – print both on console AND on log file – Windows

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I run Windows10, I have a project made on Cypress and I want to log the test results both on a file AND on console: I tried just printing on a file, using in my package.json this script:

"scripts": {

        "open": "./node_modules/.bin/cypress open",
        "runheadless": "./node_modules/.bin/cypress run --headless --browser chrome
         --spec 'cypress/integration/webpages.spec.js' > cypresstest.log"

And this runs smoothly; my issue is that there are more than 100 tests and it takes very long time (like 20 minutes); so I can’t check if something got frozen or is working fine, because nothing is printed on console.

So I tried with

"runheadless": "./node_modules/.bin/cypress run --headless --browser chrome
         --spec 'cypress/integration/webpages.spec.js' | tee cypresstest.log"

But since I’m on windows, it says

tee is not recognized as internal or external program

Is there a way, or a plugin, or something I can do to simply print both on console AND on a file log?

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