TypeError – Network Request Failed (no hint where problem is)

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I face big complications here, my app doesnt start up and I get this strange error I havent faced before. Im running my app via Expo, just as a sidenote.

[Unhandled promise rejection: TypeError: Network request failed]

  • node_moduleswhatwg-fetchdistfetch.umd.js:535:17 in setTimeout$argument_0
  • node_modulesreact-nativeLibrariesCoreTimersJSTimers.js:130:14 in _callTimer
  • node_modulesreact-nativeLibrariesCoreTimersJSTimers.js:383:16 in callTimers
  • node_modulesreact-nativeLibrariesBatchedBridgeMessageQueue.js:416:4
    in __callFunction
  • node_modulesreact-nativeLibrariesBatchedBridgeMessageQueue.js:109:6
    in __guard$argument_0
  • node_modulesreact-nativeLibrariesBatchedBridgeMessageQueue.js:364:10
    in __guard
  • node_modulesreact-nativeLibrariesBatchedBridgeMessageQueue.js:108:4
    in callFunctionReturnFlushedQueue
  • [native code]:null in callFunctionReturnFlushedQueue

I tried already to reinstall expo – did not help me in any way.

3 Weeks ago when I started my break from coding everything worked fine. I dont know what is the problem, the error is not pointing at any special part of the code. I can provide you with any informations needed, because at this point I dont even know where I should start to look for any errors.

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