Random number generator for my discord bot in discord.js

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else if (parts[0] === Prefix + 'number') {
        message.channel.send(message.author.username + ' What is the minimum number');
        if (parts[0] === Math.int) {
            var MinNum = (Discord.Message);
            console.log("minimum number is " + MinNum);
            message.channel.send(message.author.username + ' what is the maximum number');
        } if (parts[0] === Math.int) {
            var MaxNum = (Discord.Message);
            console.log("Maximum number is " + MaxNum);

            const RandomNum = Random.int(MinNum, MaxNum);
            message.channel.send(Message.author.username + " number is " + RandomNum);
        } else if (parts[0] === Math.int == false) {
            message.channel.send("Sorry " + message.author.username + " that is an invalid number");

So this is some code for a random number generator, when someone says -number, my bot asks the user what is the minimun number, when the user puts a number that number is set to the MinNum variable, and the minimun number is logged in my console, and it asks the user what is the maximun number, next it is suppose to do the same thing but with the maximun number, after the user inputs the maximum number the random number generator spits out a random number between those two values, and if the user does not put a number my bot says sorry (username) that is an invalid number

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