Intellisense for Firefox Addon Development in VSCode

Is there a way to get Intellisense for the APIs provided by Mozilla for Firefox Addon development in VSCode?

For example, if I type browser.ta in VSCode and hit STRG+Space it should autocomplete browser.tabs.

This would make it much easier for me as a beginner to get in to Addon development.

Where I searched:

  • Stack Overflow
  • VSCode Extensions Marketplace
  • VSCode Website
  • Mozilla Docs
  • Top 10-20 Google Results for about 10 different search queries I could think of

What I have tried:
Not much, because I was not able to find anything, that seemed remotely useful other than the "Debugger for Firefox" Extension for VSCode, which didn’t help.

Sorry if my problem isn’t described as well as it maybe should be.
This is my first post to StackOverflow (because I never had a problem before, that couldn’t be solved with hours googeling) and I am also new to the JS/Firefox Addon community.

Thanks in advance for your help and a happy easter.

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