Sending a response from background.js not working in content script

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I’m trying to send and receive a response in a firefox extenstion. I’m able to send the response successfully using the following code in my content script:

function notifyBackground(message) {
    var sending = browser.runtime.sendMessage({requestType: message});
    sending.then(handleResponse, handleError);

document.getElementById('downloads-select').addEventListener('click', function () {

When this is sent from the content script, in the browser console I can see the request successfully in the background script: Object { requestType: "requestDownloads" }. However when I try to reply with the following code in the background script:

function onError(error) {
    console.log(`Error: ${error}`);

function getFiles(sendResponse) {

    function handleError(error) {
        console.log(`Error: ${error}`);

    function handleDownloads(downloads) {
        var results = "";
        for (var download of downloads) {
            results += `<p class="found-download-results">${download.filename}</p><br>`
        sendResponse({response: results});
    var searching ={
        limit: 25,
        orderBy: ["-startTime"],
    searching.then(handleDownloads, handleError);

function handleResponse(request, sender, sendResponse) {
    var requestType = request["requestType"];
    if (requestType === "requestDownloads") {

From the content script I get that the response is undefined: background.js sent a response: undefined. I have the feeling there’s something simple that I’m missing, my manifest file looks like this:

  "content_scripts": [
      "matches": ["<all_urls>"],
      "js": ["app/scripts/hub.js"]
  "content_security_policy": "script-src 'self'; object-src 'self'",
  "permissions": [
  "background": {
    "scripts": [
    "page": "app/templates/background.html",
    "persistent": true

What am I doing wrong to where the response is coming back as undefined?

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