Get id of link that opened the popup

  javascript, popup

I have a table with column that has a "view" link to view popup. On the popup,
I have a search button I want to get the id of the view link that opened the popup,
when I press search in the popup typically to get some data attributes
associated with each table link..(ex. $this.thisIdopenedMe)

<div id="popup" class="popup">
<input type="button" id="searchbtn" onclick="alert($('#smthing??').data("feature"))">

<tr> <div id="viewlink" data-feature="alfa" onclick="openPopup("popup")"></div> </tr>
<tr> <div id="viewlink" data-feature="gama" onclick="openPopup("popup")"></div> </tr>
<tr> <div id="viewlink" data-feature="bita" onclick="openPopup("popup")"></div> </tr> ...

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