Gatsby.js I can’t send data to a page using gatsby-node.js

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I am retrieving data from a REST API using axios and I need to send the data to the page so it can be written on the html.

In gatsby-node.js I have:

const axios = require('axios')

const get = axios.get('');

async function getPrismicData(){
  const data = await get;
  return getExperiences(

function getExperiences(data) {
    var object = [{
      experienceTitle: data.results[0][0]["experience-title"].value[0].text,
      dateEnd: data.results[0][0]["date-end"].value,
      dateStart: data.results[0][0]["date-start"].value
      experienceTitle: data.results[0][1]["experience-title"].value[0].text,
      dateEnd: data.results[0][1]["date-end"].value,
      dateStart: data.results[0][1]["date-start"].value
  return object;

exports.createPages = async ({actions: {createPage}}) => {
  const prismicData = await getPrismicData();

      path: `/`,
      component: require.resolve("./src/pages/index.js"),
      context: {prismicData}


Meanwhile, in index.js I have:

import React from "react"

import LeftColumn from "../components/left_column"
import RightColumn from "../components/right_column"
import "./index.css"

export default ({ pageContext: { prismicData } }) => {
    <div className="two-columns">

What I can see in the console.logs is that in gatsby-node I have retrieved the data correctly while in index.js it’s undefined.

What I am doing wrong? I can’t understand the problem.

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