Angular SEO, how to set properly?

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I have a little question about Angular SEO. I have set the meta tags like this in the constructors of every .ts file;

//To set the page title
this.titleServ.setTitle("PAGE TITLE")
//To set the meta description
  {name: "description", content: "PAGE TITLE HERE"},
  {name: "keywords", content: "SOME KEYWORDS HERE"}

The problem is that, I have made these changes like 2,5 weeks ago, but I still can not see my website on Google when searched with the descriptions from the pages (I can see it when I search the name of the website). What might I have done wrong in here?

Btw, I couldnt manage to build my application with angular universal, but as far as I have understood, Google does not need angular universal to find the description and the keywords.

What more should I do in order my website to be visible on Google?

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