Node and Express with MySQL

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I have the following problem. I have access data from a database that I use both in the script (Node) and in the Workbench / DBeaver. The two third-party applications work correctly, I can access the database, make changes, delete, create, all normally, but when I try to login through my script to be able to have this web-level maneuverability through Node, the error "TIMEOUT" appears.

The question is, already use Knex.js, mysql, @ mysql / xdevapi and the three accuse the same thing. The problem is that when it comes to this type of problem, it doesn’t mention what error it is, it simply gives a timeout, be it a password error, login and etc., so I can’t identify what the real problem is.

  • The doors are released 22, 3306, 33060.
  • The login and password are the same used in other software.
  • The Firewall and any protection that exists is released from access, so if the login and password match, I would be free to access normally.

I’m just trying to show you when you connect to the bank or not using this code:

          console.log('? | Error to connect on database! Reason:', err.code);
        console.log('? | Connection established');

The results is ? | Error to connect on database! Reason: ETIMEDOUT

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