Allow user input for discord.js Embed

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I have an embed bot for a bounty system that users can pick up bounties that people set up. With my code a user can set a title for the embed using args. I’m trying to allow them to set the description and possibly the footer here is my code. Any help would be appreciated. I was thinking something like
!bounty Title + Description but I’m not sure how to allow for user input in the description I can set the bot to DM and allow for user input for each field but I want something more user-friendly and fast.

if (!args[0]) return message.reply('You need to supply the question');
  let embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
    .setTitle(args.join(' '))
    .setDescription('Bounty posted by ' +
    .addField('Status', 'Bounty is currently available.')
    .attachFiles(new Discord.MessageAttachment('', 'thumbnail.png'))
    .setFooter('Bot created by James (Rock)₇₇₇');

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